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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nine Years

I never was one to believe in "Love at First Sight" but the moment I first laid eyes on the guy that would become my husband I knew there was something special. He's been my best friend for many years and nine years ago he gave me the honor of becoming his Mrs.

I'm looking forward to 90 more!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ladies' Weekend

One of my most favorite weekends of the entire year happens in July each year. I load a van with other ladies from our church, and we head to the annual Ladies' Meeting in the central part of the state. I have been going for five years now, and I think it gets better every year.

This year I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to attend. First Hubby hurt his hand and I was afraid he wouldn't be able to handle the kids with just one hand. Then I got the stomach bug on Thursday of last week. I decided that someone was trying to keep me at home, I just wasn't sure if it was Jesus or the devil.

I prayed about it, slept on it, and knew I was supposed to go. On Friday morning (still feeling a bit rough) I loaded up on the van and we headed out. We had 15 ladies go this year and I had a blast.

Ladies' Weekend | #ladiesmeeting #churchretreat #weekendfun

We started our day with lunch at Olive Garden. I typically love Olive Garden, but I still didn't feel very good so nothing tasted too great. Then we started shopping - and found all kinds of sales! I started at Ulta and came out with $35 worth of products for only $20.  The mall was also having some great sales. I got things for Ting, Bug, and myself. I ended up spending just $30 at the mall, but left there with $115 worth of stuff. Score! (If you want to see everything I got, click here to check out my video I made)

Then to the meeting. This years' weekend was military theme and all the sessions had a military type topic attached to them. Our verse for the weekend was Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Ladies' Weekend | #ladiesmeeting #churchretreat #weekendfun

We heard some great speakers, and each one brought a much-needed message to their sessions. I also got to bond with these ladies from our church, and we had so many laughs.

Once again, it turned out to be on of my favorite weekends of the year. I can't wait until next July!

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Karen Weido

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ting Talk

Ting Ting | #tingtalk #ontheblog

After telling Ting that she was going to go with me somewhere later in the week...

Ting: I don't want to go, that won't be any fun
Me: Well, you are going to go because you love me and because I'm your mom
Ting: I do love you, but it sounds like you are trying to trick me

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Karen Weido

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Night Night Prayer {Review & Giveaway}

I am a Tommy Mommy Blogger with Thomas Nelson Publishers. I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. Thomas Nelson is providing the prize for the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do with Ting at bedtime is read a book. Lately I have been so excited because Bug has started asking for a story at night as well! I love it that my kids are interested in reading.

This month we received A Night Night Prayer by Amy Parker. This the most precious book and perfect for my little two year-old boy.

A Night Night Prayer {Review & Giveaway} | #giveaway #sponsored #tommymommy #kidbooks

The book moves in rhyming verses and follows a young alpaca as it says goodnight to the world around him. He says goodnight to his belongings, the outside world, and his mommy. Each page repeats "Night Night" to what he is saying goodnight to.

It only took Bug about two pages to figure out that we were saying night night to everything, and he started saying it along with me as I read.

At the end of the book, the alpaca thanks God for all that he has done and given us, and then says night night to God.

This book is the perfect bedtime book and an easy way to remind our little one's to tell God how thankful we are for all that we have.

I'm so happy that we have this book in our growing library at our home, and I want to add it to the library of one of my readers. Just complete the Rafflecopter below to get entered. Entries close end of day July 26, and I will contact the winner.

A Night Night Prayer {Review & Giveaway} | #giveaway #sponsored #tommymommy #kidbooks

You can also purchase your own copy of A Night Night Prayer from Thomas Nelson, or wherever you purchase your children's books.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Random Saturdays

Random Saturdays is moving! I'll try to post them here on the blog, but to be sure you don't miss them (and other fun videos featuring my kids) go subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Karen Weido

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Church Camp 2014

Ever feel like your kids are growing up way too fast???

A few weeks ago my in-laws called to let us know they would be going with our church to church camp this year, and they would be happy to take our kids if we wanted. See, our church takes all the kids to camp together and kids under seven get to go if a parent or guardian goes along.

After some discussion, Hubby and I decided that Ting could go if she wanted, but we weren't ready for Bug to leave the nest quite yet.

We told Ting she was going to camp and she got SO excited. Because most of our family was going to camp as counselors and chaperons, that meant all of Ting's cousins were headed to camp as well. We marked it on the calendar, counted down the days, and talked to Ting about all the fun things she was going to get to do.

On Saturday before they left, I took Ting shopping and bought her some camp clothes, sheets, towels, and all the other stuff a girl needs for camp week. Then on Sunday I got so sad about my little girl being big enough to go to camp. I cried and cried, and thought I got it all out of my system.

On Monday morning we headed to the church to see everyone off to camp. Our church took 57 people to camp this year. It was so much fun to see all the commotion of getting that many people loaded up and ready to go. And then I gave Ting a big hug, helped her get on the church van, and told her I would see her in a week.

Church Camp 2014

And then the tears came, and came some more. I cried all the way to work that morning - and cried even more every time someone at work asked me about her being gone.

She called us Monday evening to tell us she was there and all settled in. And then I didn't hear from her again all week! She had the time of her life.

Thankfully, all those relatives we had down there sent me pictures all week to show me what fun she was having. She even sang in an ensemble with some of her cousins! (They sang in church the following Sunday and you can watch it here).

Ting had the best week and is still talking about her week at church camp.

And I still can't believe my baby girl is old enough for church camp :(

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Karen Weido

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Weekend

I was going to use this space to tell you all about our fun-filled 4th of July weekend. I was going to show you pictures of our camping trip and all of us having so much fun. But you know what they say...

Life Happens

On Tuesday of last week we pulled our camper to our house to begin getting it ready for a weekend away. Hubby was working on the hot water heater when he came inside and told me we needed to go to the hospital - he had cut his hand. I looked at it and it did look bad. We dropped the kids off with my parents and headed to the ER. I thought we would get a few stitches and be back home in no time. I was wrong.

Turned out Hubby completely severed his tendon that goes to the middle finger on his left hand. We did get some stitches, but we also got orders to see a specialist the same day. Three hours later we finally ate dinner and headed home. (A huge thank you to my parents and grandparents for tag-teaming the kids last week)

On Thursday, Hubby had surgery to reattach his tendon. He was awarded with this fun looking thing. He has zero use of his left hand for at least two more weeks. Thankfully he is right-handed and will still be able to work in that time.

4th of July Weekend | #camping #surgery #goRVing #lifehappens

Since our camping trip was off, the kids and I headed to my grandparents on Friday to celebrate the 4th with my family. The kids had a blast and we all ate way too much.

4th of July Weekend | #camping #surgery #goRVing #lifehappens

Ting was a little bummed about our weekend trip being canceled, so I promised her we could spend one night in the camper - in our backyard. On Friday night Ting, Bug, and myself headed out to camp. We watched a movie and then all three of us slept in the big bed. It was the first time I've slept in the same bed with both my kids. Surprisingly, we actually slept pretty good. (and apparently someone stole his sister's pillow, he does not usually sleep on a princess pillow)

4th of July Weekend | #camping #surgery #goRVing #lifehappens

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and taking care of Hubby. If you don't mind, we would appreciate you adding him to your prayer list. He is having to adjust to only using one hand for a while, and still has several months of healing ahead of him.

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