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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ARWB Handmade Ornament Exchange

This is the third year I've participated in the Arkansas Women Bloggers Handmade Ornament Exchange. I am not the craftiest of people, but I always love giving it my best shot and sending it off to a member of my Arkansas blogging family.

This year the kids and I made candy ornaments. They turned out pretty cute, and we sent them to Kayla. I haven't heard from her yet, but I'm really hoping they made it in one piece!

Last week I received my package in the mail and I couldn't wait to get it open. My ornament came from Ashley at "I Forgot the Bread". She did an amazing job.

ARWB Homemade Ornament Exchange | #arwb #ornaments

Every ornament on our family tree has a story behind it, and I'm so happy to have the memories of this year's exchange to go with this beautiful ornament.

If you are looking for more ornament exchanges from Arkansas bloggers, head over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers and visit the link-up.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Frozen Pancake Breakfast

This past Saturday the kids and I attended a Frozen themed pancake breakfast. A local organization hosted it as a fundraiser at Applebee's (or Apple Beans as Bug calls it).

It was early on Saturday morning, and both my kids were exhausted from the rough week before, but we made it.

Ting was so excited and couldn't wait to meet Anna and Elsa. She talked and talked all the way to the restaurant and couldn't wait to claim her place in the picture line. All the way home she kept asking if it was the real Anna and Elsa. She said she thought it was, but she knew the Olaf was fake because it wasn't cold enough for him.

Frozen Pancake Breakfast | #frozen #kidevent #ontheblog

Bug wasn't so sure about the whole ordeal. He was tired and there were a lot of people. I don't think he said a word until we actually got inside and got the pancakes in front of us. That boy loves pancakes so he was immediately in heaven.

Frozen Pancake Breakfast | #frozen #kidevent #ontheblog

It was so crowded, but it was a fun event and a fun way to spend a Saturday morning with my kids.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Building God's Kingdom {Giveaway}

I'm a Tommy Mommy Blogger and receive products in exchange for my honest review. No further compensation is received, and all opinions are my own.

Bug is at such an impressionable age. Everything he sees and hears means something to him, and helps to shape the kind of boy he is going to be. Everywhere we turn there are books and resources for girls, but it is rare to come across a series that teaches boys life lessons that they need to hear.

This month Tommy Nelson sent me the "Building God's Kingdom" books for Bug. Two board books were included, and we have already fallen in love with both of them. In fact, these books are so amazing that Mom's of Boys Society has them on their 2014 Gift Guide for Boys!

Building God's Kingdom {Giveaway ends Dec 15} | #tommynelson #giveaway #tingsmom

In Diggit Saves the Day, we read the short tale of the gang working to move some dirt around. Then Diggit discovers a baby squirrel asleep in their work area. The others want to ignore it and continue working, but Diggit is determined to help the squirrel find it's home. Diggit teaches us a valuable lesson that helping others is more important than anything.

In Tipper Tells a Lie, we learn a very valuable lesson about always telling the truth. The gang is loading up to head to a job site. In a hurry to get going, Tipper lies about his fuel level. A series of detours and unexpected stops leaves Tipper out of fuel on the side of the road. The gang comes to his rescue, and reminds him that God always wants us to tell the truth.

Building God's Kingdom {Giveaway ends Dec 15} | #tommynelson #giveaway #tingsmom

Bug immediately took an interest in these books that feature bright and fun graphics that are perfect for his age. The sturdy board book design means that he can throw and drop these books (because that's what boys do) and they will hold up.

Tommy Nelson wants to give one of my readers their own set of books as well. Just use the entry tool below to get entered. I will email a winner on December 15. Good luck!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

...and the week that followed

The kids and I woke up on Friday after Thanksgiving with a list of errands to run and things to get ready so we could put up Christmas decorations on Saturday. The first thing I did was check on Hubby. He had a very high fever and said he was having a hard time breathing.

The kids and I lounged around for a bit, and then headed to town to get lunch and some more medicine for Hubby. First stop - Walgreens. We got out of the van, closed the doors, and then I realized I had locked my keys inside. We don't have a spare (and I was pretty sure Hubby had the flu) so I had to call someone to come unlock my van for me. The kids thought it was a great adventure.

We got home and Hubby seemed to be getting worse. I fed the kids and put them down for a (very) late nap. About the same time the kids were getting up, Hubby came in the kitchen and said he though he needed to go to the hospital. My hubby never gives into illness, so I knew we had to go. We dropped the kids off with my grandparents and headed to the emergency room.

Hubby had 103 fever, and his oxygen saturation was pretty low. A few tests later and he was admitted with pneumonia. We finally got settled into our room around 4am Saturday morning.

We woke up Saturday and it was apparent that Hubby was getting increasingly worse. My in-laws came over and got the kids and took them back to their house with him. That afternoon, Hubby took another turn for the worse. He was quickly placed in ICU and onto a bipap machine. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized how close I came to losing him that afternoon.

We stayed three nights in ICU. The doctor said he had double pneumonia. His right lung was almost collapsed and the left was in pretty bad shape. With no past illness, and no indication of how he got so sick so quickly, the doctor said it was one of the most unusual cases of pneumonia he has seen.

Hubby finally got well enough to move back to a regular room, and they started slowing turning down his oxygen to see how he could handle it. That night he sat up and screamed in pain like nothing I have ever heard. He groaned, thrashed, and cried out in paid for a good four hours. It took several different pain meds through his IV to get any relief. Test were ordered and the next morning we learned that he also had a kidney stone - completely unrelated to his pneumonia. Just a weird coincidence that it would happen at the same time.

The next few days Hubby slowly made progress and did a lot of sleeping. He was on and off oxygen, and continued to get antibiotics and other IV medications. Then he finally started improving!

On Friday the doctor said as long as he had a good night, we could go home. Saturday finally arrived and after nine nights in a hospital bed, Hubby finally got to come home! I am so glad to be home and have a recovering hubby home with me.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014...

I've already told you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and this year I was looking forward to it as well. We always have a big Thanksgiving with mine and hubby's families coming together, but this year we had even more. My grandmother's twin brother and his family came to join us.

The night before Hubby told me that he thought he was getting a cold, but I didn't think too much about it. But on Thursday morning I knew something was wrong because he was in bed. For as long as I've known my husband he has always gotten up early on Thanksgiving morning and gone hunting with his dad. As the morning wore on he still didn't get out of bed, so I knew he must be very sick.

We rented a community room to have dinner since there were so many of us. It worked out perfect and we had plenty of room, and more than enough food. It was the first time my grandmother's brother's family had all been here in almost 20 years, so there was a lot of catching up to do as well.

We tried so hard to get family pictures, but...

Thanksgiving 2014 | #justlikefamily #thanksgiving #family

Thanksgiving 2014 | #justlikefamily #thanksgiving #family

As soon as Hubby finished eating he went home and back to bed. It was also the first time since I've known him that he didn't leave Thanksgiving dinner and head straight to deer camp for the weekend.

My in-laws came back to the house to watch a little football, and then we all headed off to bed. It was a great Thanksgiving day, and the kids and I were looking forward to getting the Christmas decorations out over the weekend.

To be continued....

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

This year I am once again participating in the Arkansas Women Bloggers Handmade Ornament Exchange. We signed up a while back and were sent our recipients a few weeks ago. The point is that we have to make an ornament and sent it to our fellow blogger.

I'm not exactly crafty, so I typically turn to Pinterest to find some inspiration. This year I found these cute candy ornaments. I think I also saw it posted on Facebook several times. It seemed simple enough, and seemed like something I could get my kids involved in. After all, my blog is all about my kids!

We borrowed some cookie cutters from my mom, purchased all the other supplies we needed, and go to work. Ting was a master at opening her candy and getting it layered into her assigned cutters. Bug was pretty slow at opening his candy, and was more interested in trying to eat them. I did end up giving him the cinnamon candy as a deterrent.

Christmas Ornaments | #arwb #ornamentexchange #christmas #kidprojects

The point was to place the hard candies inside the cookie cutters. The cookie cutters had been sprayed with cooking oil and then placed on parchment paper.

We got our cookie cutters all filled and into the oven at 350. We had to cook for about nine minutes to get everything melted together. Once it was out we used a toothpick to create holes in the top of each ornament for the string to hang it on the tree.

Christmas Ornaments | #arwb #ornamentexchange #christmas #kidprojects

Once everything was cooled off, I VERY CAREFULLY took them out of the cutters and then wiped all the oil off of them. I also sprayed them with a few coats of acrylic sealer. But I'm not showing you our finished product!

I wrapped them in a ton of bubble wrap, placed them into a bubble mailer, and then mailed them to my fellow blogger. You'll have to come back on December 15 to see where our ornaments ended up, and also to see what ornaments I get surprised with.

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