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Monday, December 19, 2016

I Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Earth

Nope, I'm still here. I never intended to take a break from the blog, but over two months without a post is definitely a break. A quick glance tells me the last thing I reported was the county fair, so how about we do a little catching up?

Ting's pictures did well at the district fair. She received a second place and a third place ribbon. She was thrilled.

ting district fair pics

We attended the annual Candy Carnival at our church. It was an inflatable extravaganza, and the kids loved it. It was also the first year I let Ting go off with her friends without having me at her side the entire time. Sigh.

bug in jump house

ting rides horse

Both kids wanted to be bat people for Halloween. I personally think I had the cutest Batman and Batgirl, but I may be partial. We didn't load up on tons of candy this year, but the Switch Witch still made a  visit.

halloween batmans

Bug went for allergy testing again. He still has all his allergies, but his doctor is optimistic about him outgrowing a few of them in the next couple of years.

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. That's a long time. Our entire family went out to celebrate with them.

I have a new nephew! That makes four nephews and one niece for those keeping up. They all have the same parents :)

Hubby's grandfather passed away the day before Thanksgiving. He was one of the most Godly men I have met. Through funerals and visitations, I was able to hear so many people share their testimonies of how Papa touched their life and helped them grow spirituality. I feel it an honor to be married to his namesake, and also the mother of the fourth generation of his name.

Thanksgiving happened. It is always my favorite holiday, and I love having our entire family together.

We road-tripped with Hubby's aunt, uncle, and cousin to Dallas for the funeral. Although it was under sad circumstances, I enjoyed the trip. I got to travel down memory lane with Hubby and learn a lot about where he grew up and how life was for the family back them. We also ate a lot of good food.

family dinner in texas

Bella, our dog, died. Not sure what happened but she passed away while we were in Texas for the funeral. We had a memorial for her. The kids seem fine.

Our town got a Wendy's. We're moving up.

Football - my Cowboys are killing it. My Longhorns, not so much.

I have a new boss at work. Time will tell how that will go, but I feel good about it.

I had a great girls night with my two besties. We went too long without seeing each other but we had fun catching up.

The kids were in the annual Christmas program at church. Bug was Linus from Charlie Brown. Ting had a speaking part and did a great job. It is always fun to see my kids in action.

bug in christmas program

ting in christmas program

And with that, I think we are all caught up! I'm going to do better, I promise.

See you soon ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

County Fair Time

Like most people this time of year, we headed to our local county fair last week. The kids had spent weeks looking forward to expensive games, low-quality rides, and the coveted cotton candy. They could hardly contain themselves as we picked my mom up and drove out to the fairgrounds.

We started our night by cruising through the exhibit hall. Ting entered some photography in the Junior Photography division, and we were ecstatic to see she received ribbons on each piece. She received first place in human interest and nature, and second place in still life. (Side note, they took her two first place photos to district fair, so fingers crossed)

county fair photography

After the exhibits, we hit the midway for rides. After a quick start on a fast ride to get our blood pumping, Hubby took Bug to ride some small rides while my mom and I hung out with Ting and rode big rides. Can you believe she's big enough for big rides???!!! She rode the scrambler twice, but once was enough for me. I got off stumbling and mumbling!!

scrambler ride

I had been hearing about the bumper cars for days, so I was happy when she passed the height requirements to get to ride those alone. She also rode the big swings and made two loops on the ferris wheel with my mom.

Bug stuck to all the smaller things. Some he loved. Some, not so much.

kids ride fair rides

After many dollars in games, arm fulls of toys and prizes, and the much sought after cotton candy, we headed home for a late night into bed. Both kids were exhausted but said they had a wonderful night at the fair.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bedtime Prayers

We say prayers at bedtime with our kids. It is something we have always done, and something I plan to continue until the day they move out of our house. Our routine is for me to say a quick prayer for them, and then they say their prayer.

bedtime prayers

Ting's bedtime prayer has been the same for over a year. She has the same prayer, word for word, that she prays every night. Occasionally she adds a little something on the end if we have a specific something we have been praying for, but she mostly keeps it to her routine. It takes her about 30 seconds to get through her prayer; then she is ready to head off to sleep.

I used to be concerned with her recited prayer but remembered I was a routine pray-er growing up, I can remember laying in bed each night and saying the same thing night after night. As I grew up, and my relationship with Jesus grew, I started changing it up. I feel she will also.

Bug is a different story. Bug prays for everything. He has figured out mommy will not make him quit praying, so he takes advantage of the situation and makes sure he covers everything. I have been known to sit on the edge of his bed for ten minutes while he goes through his list. He lists every member of our family he can think of, all his friends by name (and their siblings), each stuffed animal, most of his cars and truck and toys, and other random things.

He also throws sweet little tidbits in at times, such as "please be with the bad people and help them turn into good people."

He prays for vacations and dreams: "Thank you for places we get to go, like the lake. And thank you for places we don't get to go, like Disney World." He also prays for all the Disney characters after this.

He prays for everyone's vehicles and begs to grow bigger so he can get out of his car seat. He prays for his books and the characters in them. For his tablet, and the shows he watches. He prays for his furniture, curtains, bedding, floor.

See, you get the idea. Bedtime prayers are vastly different at our house, but I would not trade one word of prayers that come from my kids' mouths. I am thankful we know Jesus, and we can teach our children to talk to Him as well. I know these bedtime prayers will be memories I cherish many years from now.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bug: First Day of Pre-K

One more year and my baby runs off to Kindergarten. But first, we are going to soak in our year of Pre-K. 

Bug is SO excited about heading to Pre-K. This is his first year in an official learning center at school, he has Lollie (my mother-in-law) for a teacher, big sister is in his class, and naps are not on the schedule. He basically thinks school is going to be grand.

bug first day of prek

He has been asking all summer when school is going to start and he could hardly contain himself as we put him to bed on back-to-school eve. But before he headed off to Pre-K, I had a few questions for him. (And be sure to click the link at the bottom to check out Ting's back to school questions)

Grade: Pre-K

Age: Four

Teacher: Lollie

What was your favorite thing about summer?
Summer? What is summer? Oh, I like going to church.

Why are you excited about going back to school?
Because I’m going to be in Lollie’s class

What is something you hope to learn at school this year?
Talking funny

What is your favorite thing about school?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

 photo KarenSigCute_zps5a51e351.jpg

Ting: First Day of 2nd Grade

It is the first day of school for us, and Ting is a second grader. She has been ready for school to start for several weeks now, and I know she is going to have a great year. She has one more year in the learning center with her Lollie (my mother-in-law), and she is looking forward to being the oldest in the classroom.

ting first day of second grade

As she heads off to school, I had a few questions for her. (And be sure to look at the bottom for a link to check out Bug's first day of school questions.)

Grade: Second

Age: Seven

Teacher: Lollie

What was your favorite thing about summer?
I got some time off from school

Why are you excited about going back to school?
New school supplies, get to be in the same class with my brother.

What is something you hope to learn at school this year?

What is your favorite thing about school?
Learning things

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Next Decade: Year One

This coming Saturday will mark our 11th wedding anniversary! We celebrated with a little getaway last weekend. While our weekend was not as extravagant as our 10th-anniversary celebration, we still had a great weekend.

11 anniversary

We kicked off the weekend with a Friday night dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse with my friend Jessica and her husband. Jessica and I have been friends for almost four years, but our husbands had never met. From the talk of deer hunts, duck attire, and fishing lure, I would say they hit if off pretty well.

After dinner we found a comfy hotel to rest our heads and then spent all day Saturday shopping. We spent over an hour browsing Every. Single. Section. at Academy, found some great deals at the local Walmart (when in big cities, check out the Wally World), scored huge savings at JC Penny, and had time for a quick trip to Ulta.

We feasted on a late lunch/early dinner at Red Lobster before browsing the aisles of Sam's Club and heading home.

Our trip home revealed we had just missed a huge storm that came through our town. Luckily we had no damage at home and the temps had cooled off to a tolerable degree. Since our kids were in good hands for another night, we took advantage of the kid-free time and Hubby took me to his favorite place - the local lake.

Although we didn't catch anything, I had fun learning to bass fish. The lake was so peaceful after the storm, and the temps and light rain made it so relaxing.

I missed our kids, but the weekend with just the Hubby and me was a perfect way to celebrate another year together. I'm looking forward to decades more.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Church Camp 2016

I have never attended church camp. I attended a summer camp growing up, but never a church camp. A few weeks ago, that all changed.

dry creek baptist church camp

The kids and I packed our suitcases, gathered in the church parking lot, and loaded the buses with 61 other youth and adults from our church. Well, Ting loaded the bus. Bug and I loaded into my air-conditioned minivan with my in-laws for a more enjoyable ride than that of a church bus!

We arrived at Dry Creek Baptist Camp on Monday afternoon, and I was excited to kick off my first camp experience. Bug and I settled ourselves into our hotel-style room and checked on Ting in her bunkhouse before heading to the counselor meeting. I quickly found myself signing up to be over our church's junior girl campers for the week (girls just completing grades 1-5). Our schedule predicted it would be a busy week, but I had no idea what was in store for me.

mom and ting at camp

Our days started early with breakfast and then to the junior chapel. The kids sang songs, played games, and heard lessons from a great children's evangelist. Then we headed to morning activities. Although Bug was younger and quite a bit smaller than the other kids, he jumped right into all the activities and never missed a beat. All the kids were great to help him out and give him extra turns in all the games.

bug plays kickball

It as HOT at camp, and I was always ready for lunch to roll around. After lunch, Bug headed to take a nap with my mother-in-law while Ting and the other girls worked on their scripture memory for the week.

tings works scripture memory

Then we headed off to more activities. One of the activities was zip-lining. Ting and I both signed up for this. I had talked to Ting about how scary it was going to look, but to be brave. I was SO proud of her as she made her way up the rock way. She went up it so quickly without a care in the world. Then she got to the top and refused to go down the zip-line. I climbed to the top to try to reason with her, but after a short bit, I did what any loving, caring, nurturing mother would do (after checking all the safety requirements) - I pushed her off! She went down the zip-line screaming, but was smiling in the end!

ting on rock wall

The cousins were also at camp and my kids had a blast hanging out with them all weekend. It is always great to spend bonus time with our family.

the cousins

All in all, it was an exhausting, but wonderful week of camp. I had a blast, and already have camp marked on my calendar for next year!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Ears Have It

It is a rite of passage for a little girl. The day she climbs up in that tall chair and lets a total stranger poke holes in her ears. I have very vague memories of the day my ears were pierced, but I do remember the tears that fell that day. And I remember my hair getting wrapped around my fresh earrings and my mom having to spend forever trying to clean them.

ting ear piercing

Hubby and I discussed it years ago and decided Ting would wait to pierce her ears when she was old enough to care for them herself. She asked once several years ago, then never brought it up again. Then she discovered Claire's. We started stopping into Claire's each time we visited the mall about a year ago. She always took her allowance money when she knew we would be shopping, and she always happily purchased bracelets and necklaces. But I always saw a hint of longing as she passed the earring racks.

A few weeks ago we visited Claire's again. They were having a sale and I found Ting parked in front of a huge display of earrings. They were "buy three, get three" and she had a few in her hand. She told me she really liked them and if her ears were pierced she would buy them.

"Well," I said. "All we have to do is call and ask Daddy if it is okay and we can get them pierced."

A quick text conversation later and I found my baby girl perched in that tall chair with total strangers aiming for her ears. She panicked for about five seconds, and then she was ready to go. They had two girls working so they were able to do both ears at the same time. She never even cried!

I love the small gold crosses she picked out to have her ears pierced with. The calendar is marked for six weeks out, and six cute options are awaiting the day we can change her earrings.

My girl is growing up. Oh so fast.

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