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Monday, October 12, 2015

Makeup Monday: Mascara

It's Makeup Monday, and today I'm talking about mascara.

Tell me... how many millions of tubes of mascara have you gone through in your life? If you're like me that number is endless. I grew up with long, thick, black eyelashes. The kind that made old ladies jealous. I didn't actually start wearing mascara until college, but I have been on the hunt for the perfect tube since.

Today I've actually got my TWO favorites for you. Because, honestly, I can't pick which one I like the best. They both do an amazing job, and are around the same price point.

So first up is Benefit they're real! lengthening mascara. I have seen so many mixed reviews on this formula, but my bottom line is that I love it. I use this in Beyond Black, and I only use one coat! This stuff goes on easily, makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of my lashes, and stays on all day.

benefit they're real mascara

Many people who like this mascara complain about the difficulty with getting it off. But I've never had this issue. I use my Philosophy Purity Cleanser and this mascara just washes off with the rest of my makeup.

My other favorite is from Bare Minerals. It is their Flawless Definition Mascara. I also use this one in Black. I do have to use two coats of this to get my desired look, but as you can tell the result is pretty much the same as above.

bare minerals flawless definition mascara

This mascara also lasts all day, but washes away easily with my favorite cleanser.

So there you have it. What is your favorite mascara?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ben's Beginners Cooking Contest

Note: I was compensated for this post through my work with The Women Bloggers, on behalf of The Pack Shack. It's a great cause, and I know your family will want to be a part of it.

If you've been around the blog long you know my kids love to cook. Having them in the kitchen is always fun, and there are so many ways to turn cooking into learning opportunities. Lately Ting has really gotten into it, and she actually has a few meals she can cook all on her own. Sure makes dinner prep more enjoyable for this mom, haha!

If you've got beginner cooks in your family then you are going to love the opportunity I'm about to tell you about.

bens beginners cooking contest

The Pack Shack has teamed up with Uncle Ben's to help provide meals through Feeding America pantries. We were able to get a small insight into the work of The Pack Shack during the recent blogger conference, and the work they do is amazing.

So how can you get involved in providing meals? It's easy. Head over and get registered through the GoodXChange site. After you are registered, make a cooking video featuring one of your kids (grade K-8) and an Uncle Ben's product. You can find so many recipes right there on the Uncle Ben's site, or create your own.

For every video that is uploaded, 50 meals will be provided to Feeding America pantries thanks to The Pack Shack and Uncle Ben's.

But that's not all!

By participating in this GoodX project, you are also entering to win $15,000 for your family, and up to $30,000 towards a cafeteria makeover for your school. Seriously!!

Ting and I made Easy Cheesy Mexican Roll-Ups, and it really was so easy.


Now that you've seen how easy it is, why not go enter yourself? You'll be entering to win some great prizes, but more importantly you'll be providing meals for those in need. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Yea, That Happened

So, what's the point of having your own blog if you can't embarass yourself every once in a while...

We had an event at work and my boss wanted some memorable entertainment. One of my co-workers got together and I wrote a rap song! And with that...

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

County Fair Fun

Last Thursday morning I told the kids to get out of bed about a million times. I finally told them that we had some family fun planned for that night, but we may not get to go because they needed to go to bed early. Three minutes later both kids were dressed and ready to head to school!

So when school let out we made good on our promise. We loaded up the van and headed to the local county fair. We skipped it last year (because sometimes parents are just lazy), so Bug really didn't remember the fair at all. Ting remembered thought and she was quick to tell her little brother just how much fun was awaiting them inside that gate.

kids at the county fair

We started with our usual stroll through the livestock, and Bug was completely engrossed in the chickens on display. I think we are going to need a chicken coup at our next house.

Then it was off to check out the rides. Ting was immediately drawn to the Tornado, a big spinning ride that went fast and high. She eyed it for a while, and then declared that she would ride it if I would ride it with her. I think she was hoping I would say no, but I'm that person that refused to leave an amusement park until I've ridden Every. Single. Ride.

riding at the county fair

But we hit the kid rides first. Bug was so completely excited about every ride he got on. Ting tried real hard to act like she wasn't having fun, but I caught many smiles from her as well. They rode the kid roller coaster, took a spin on the whales and the mice, and hit up the train. I rode the carousel with them to keep Bug from spinning right off his horse.

kid roller coaster county fair

kids ride at county fair

Then we took in some hot dogs and turkey legs, and had a little picnic under the pavilion.

And then it was time for the big ride! As soon as got settled into our seats Ting started freaking out a bit. I asked her a million times if she wanted to back off, but she was determined. Before long she was asking me to spin our carts. And then the ride started. And it got faster and faster. And it went higher and higher. And Ting yelled for me to keep spinning our cart!

thrill ride at county fair

She loved it. I may have a roller coaster buddy on my hands when we finally take them to an amusement park. Until then, we are  just looking forward to next year when the county fair rolls into town.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Musings: September

Both kids are now getting Highlights magazines and Scholastic News (formerly Weekly Reader). Do you remember those magazines from your younger days? I always loved getting them in the mail, or at school. Both kids get excited when they come in the mail, and it makes for a perfect opportunity to encourage reading at our house.

I'm still loving my Happy Planner, and I've become addicted to both stickers and markers. I found these Crayola Doodle Scents at Walgreens a few weeks ago. The kid in me loves them.

tings mom monday musings markers

I was caught in the black hole that is Facebook one day and started browsing the upcoming Events. Did you know it list all your friends upcoming birthdays and, in many cases, how old they will turn? I discovered that everything I think of as being quite a bit older than me is actually less than five years older. And all those people I think are my age, are actually at least five years younger. Yea, I think I have a problem...

When Ting and I started on our fitness journey, I immediately discovered that going walking on a belly full of pasta was no fun. Hubby had been doing low-carb for a while so I decided to put the entire family on his plan. I've started eating veggies (gasp) and have completely cut out pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread (although I still eat breaded items). I never did it as a weight loss thing, but I've been pretty happy with my pants lately.

tings mom monday musings low card results

Does anyone use the Dollar Shave Club? I'd love to hear your thoughts. The price of razors has gotten crazy high, and getting new blades each month sounds pretty appealing.

I had a major nail polish purge on Saturday. I'll be writing an entire post about that next week. Stay tuned.

My reading schedule is crazy! I started adding children's books on Wednesdays, plus my two adult books each week. Right now I have review commitments well into November. If you haven't been reading my book reviews, you can find them here.

Fall starts on Wednesday. It's my favorite season - I'm a little excited.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Slip n' Slide

We got home from camping on Labor Day and discovered that it was HOT, HOT, HOT outside. We put the kids down for naps while we got the camper unloaded and cleaned, and then Hubby pulled out the Slip n' Slide.

It's been a while since we had the Slip n' Slide out, but Ting knew exactly what to do. She was running and jumping, and trying to show her brother what to do.

ting on slip n slide

We haven't had the Slip n' Slide out since Bug has been big enough to use it. He was trying so hard to figure out what to do, but he just kept running to the end and flopping down into the water.

bug slip n slide

And since my baby boy needed a lesson, this mom decided to go for it! Let's just say I'm not 20 years old anymore, and I was paying for this before I ever made it into bed that night.

mom slip n slide

Labor Day is pretty much the official end of summer in Arkansas, and I think we said goodbye in the best way possible. Now I'm looking forward to sweater weather.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Makeup Monday: It's All About the Brush

Last month I told you all about my favorite facial cleanser and daily scrub. Today I want to tell you about another one of the basics - the makeup brush.

There are millions of makeup brushes out there. There are brushes of every size, shape, fullness, softness, etc that you could ever imagine. It seems that every brand has it's own brushes, every makeup application has a recommended brush, and every makeup artist has their favorite.

makeup brushes

I'm no makeup artist, but I've been through my fair share of brushes over the years, and I've finally landed on some that I love.

I am in love with e.l.f. brushes!

For those of you not familiar with the e.l.f. brand, it stands for eyes, lips, face. The e.l.f. brand used to only be available online, but it has grown to be distributed in retail stores throughout the nation.

I have used e.l.f. products on occasion, but it was not until it finally became available in my local Walmart that I really decided to give some of their brushes a try. I started with a few eye shadow brushes and immediately fell in love.

eyes lips face brushes

Each brush that I have tried has become a winner. I've even replaced a few $30 brushes with these new ones. They get the job done exactly how I need it, and I can afford to buy one for every single one of my needs.

Another big plus is the price. I hate cleaning my makeup brushes, but with the e.l.f. brushes I just through them away when they get yucky and go buy new ones. Gasp, right? Well before you get all worked up, I need to tell you that the price of these brushes ranges from $1 - $6. Yea, that's not a typo!!

So there you go, I'm in love with e.l.f. brushes and happily recommend them. Give them a try!

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