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Monday, May 25, 2015

Volleyball - Year One

I mentioned several weeks ago that Ting and Hubby had begun working on the fundamentals of volleyball in the backyard. All that work was to get ready for Ting's first year of playing on a team. The local Boys and Girls Club has a league for little girls each spring, and our school organized two teams to participate in the league. For all but one of them, this was their first experience with sports.

They practiced for several weeks before the first game, and when week one finally rolled around they all got on the court and.... stood there, haha! They collectively served several balls over the net, but that was about it. I pretty much decided right then that it was going to be a long six weeks of volleyball.

ting plays volleyball

But then they started improving. They learned the correct stance, figured out they could move their feet a little, and they got better at serving. As they practiced more on the fundamentals of volleyball, they really started to understand what they were supposed to be doing.

As the weeks went by, Ting's team even started winning a few matches against the other teams. The girls were more excited each week about getting to play, and I became one of those super intense volleyball moms.

The league ended with a tournament. Ting's team went in as the number three team and had to play the number two team. They went all three sets and won! And then they had to play the number one team. The girls seemed oblivious to what was going on, but I was a nervous wreck.

The one the first set, and then headed into the second. And then they won!! We were on our way home that night before Ting finally realized that they had won the entire tournament, and then she was so excited.

volleyball champs

It was a great first experience for our first year of volleyball. I know we have many years of pacing the floor and cheering on our kids ahead of us, and I can't wait.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Canary Home Security

I am a Verizon Wireless Connected Life Blogger. I receive products for my family to use in order to facilitate my reviews. I receive no further compensation.

Home Security. It's something that seems to be both a necessity and a luxury for me. I have always wished we could have some type of security system at our house, but the setup, equipment, and maintenance is just out of budget.

Then Verizon sent me the Canary Home Security system to try out. I knew as soon as I got it out of the box that it was going to be something we would enjoy. The entire security system comes packed into one small box. The camera itself is sleek, smooth, and blends well with our home.

canary home security

As soon as I got the camera out of the box I got it set up. And setup was a breeze. Plug the camera into the wall. Then use the provided cable to connect your phone to the camera. Download an app, and then the rest is done for you. Within five minutes of getting the camera out of the box, we were monitoring our house.

The app is easy to use, and doesn't take up too much space on my phone. Both Hubby and I have our phones connected to our account, so should any type of movement be detected when we are not home we receive a notification on our phone. We can immediately pull up a live feed of our home and see what is going on.

In addition to monitoring movement in our home, we can also monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality in our home using the app. For me, it's great to be able to check-in to make sure our home is safe, secure, and a healthy environment for us to walk into each day.

canary home security screen shot

So what does it cost? I know you're asking it. The Canary Home Security is purchased as a one-time fee from a retailer. Each package comes with one camera, and you can connect up to four cameras per account. And that's it. Really. If you want to purchase upgraded storage packages for your live fees you can for a monthly fee, but we pay zero dollars each month to be able to monitor our home.

I call that a win!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Odyssey Adventure Club - May Special

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ting Graduates!

Last week marked the end of our school year, and also meant the end of Kindergarten for Ting. The week kicked off with the last day of school, and then the annual school cook-out. Both kids got to spend the morning hanging out with their friends and spending some fun running off some energy. We ate hamburgers and enjoyed the start of summer vacation.

bug plays

And then Friday came along. The annual awards program and graduation ceremony was Friday night. I can't believe Ting has graduated Kindergarten. It seems like yesterday that I found out I was expecting her. She's growing up too fast on me, but I'm excited to see what her future holds!

ting graduates

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Things Learned: Allergy Update

You may remember a few months ago when we took Bug for allergy testing. He tested positive for a few things, and last week he has his first check-up with the allergist.

Our day started with us dropping Ting off at school, and then Bug and I were off for a little Mommy-Bug day at the doctor. Our first stop was McDonald's on the way to the doctor. I'm not sure Bug and I have ever been out to eat just the two of us, and it was a lot of fun. He ate an entire cheeseburger and most of his fries, and even got the transformer toy he has been wanting.

lunch with bug

Our visit with the allergist went great, and the allergist was impressed with how much better his skin looks and feels now. She was also happy about his increased energy levels, and the reports of an occasional increase in appetite. He still hasn't gained any weight, but she wasn't concerned (nor is our family physician) so I'm not going to get concerned. We got back in six months for another check-up.

bug with toy

It was a quick visit and then we headed home. We stopped at Sonic on the way home, and Bug ate three chicken strips (he never eats all three). Ting had a volleyball game that night, so we went straight there.

cute kid

It was a long, but fun day - and this mommy learned a few things during her day with Bug...

  1. Bug is better behaved when he is not around his sister. He was calmer and obeyed very well. Maybe he's always competing for attention?
  2. An afternoon snack at Sonic during happy hour costs MORE than a full lunch at McDonald's
  3. There is a tasty alternative to peanut butter! Our allergist gave us some samples of Wow Butter, and it actually tastes like the real thing. Ting has been begging for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and now I can fulfill her request.
  4. Bug things Bob the Builder and Handy Manny are the same person. Good thing because he was asking for Bob, and I only brought the Manny DVD. He was perfectly happy watching it all the way home.
  5. Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol. We'll be there on the double - Bug is obsessed with Paw Patrol right now, and he watched it all the way to the doctor. I learned the entire theme song.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mom/Daughter Banquet

The annual Mom/Daughter banquet at church was last weekend. I always enjoy getting to go to this and have loved it even more since I have a daughter to take with me as well.

The ladies who plan it always do a great job each year, and always pick a fun theme. This year was all about awareness. It was casual dress representing the awareness color of a cancer or other serious illness that has affected you. It was a colorful room, and we had a great time.

mom daughter banquet

My mom and Ting went with me, and we met up with my mother-in-law once we got there. Of course all the ladies from Hubby's family and their girls were there as well. We ate good food and played some fun games. My mother-in-law reprised her I Love Lucy skit from last year and was hilarious.

We also got to hear some amazing women speak about their experiences with cancer. And then our guest speaker gave a moving talk about ways to stay encouraged when you are a caregiver, and then ways to stay encouraged if you are the one facing an illness. She gave lots of scripture references, and a great tool for those in those situations.

I decided that Ting and I would wear orange for Multiple Sclerosis awareness. My brother was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of MS a few years before he died. He would have periods of blindness, unable to speak, and times when he could hardly use his arms and legs. He ultimately died in a vehicle accident, but I have no doubt that if that hadn't happened the MS would have continued to gotten worse though the years.

Ting was determined that she and I were going to dress exactly alike for the banquet, so I bought us solid orange shirts to wear. We also wore denim skirts and flip flops. We even wore our hair the same. She was thrilled.

However, it was such a fun packed night I forgot to get any pictures :( So after we got home I snapped that super blurry selfie you see above. I may not have pictures, but we have the memories!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Statement Watch

I received a wood watch from JORD in order to facilitate my review. My love for my watch is real, and all my opinions are my own.

Do you wear a watch? I did growing up. I got a new watch in high school that I loved and I wore it until it broke about seven years ago. Since then I just haven't been able to find a watch that I loved enough to commit to wearing it every day.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, so my watch search always had me seeking out bold or unusual watches. I wanted my watch to be what the statement necklace is to many these days.

And then I was introduced to JORD wood watches. It took me about 15 seconds on their site to realize I needed one of these watches in my life. Lucky for me, the folks at JORD felt I needed one too - score!

I expected a nice watch to arrive in my mailbox. What I didn't expect was the little extras that come along with this beauty. For starters, I was able to submit my wrist measurements and my Fieldcrest watch arrived ready to wear and perfectly fit for me.

And then this box arrived - it is a beautiful object all on its own. When you see this box, you just know there is going to be something special inside.

jord watch box

And I was right. I fell in love with this watch before I ever put it on my wrist. The watch is made completely of wood, with the exception of the glass face and necessary inner-workings of a timepiece of course. Because of the wood construction, the watch is also super light.

new jord watch

But I'm a busy mom. Would a wood watch really fit in with my crazy life?

Our first outing together was to Ting's volleyball game. I got so many compliments on my new watch, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

jord watch with braclets

Next up - the office. I gotta tell you, looking at my beautiful watch while I peck away at my desk all day just makes me happy. And the number of people who have asked about my unusual piece means that I have finally met my goal of finding a statement watch that I can wear every single day.

back jord on wrist

And at home? Well, the Hubby is jealous of my watch and has already asked for one of his own.
So bottom line - the JORD wood watch is a winner  I've worn it every day since its arrival, and I plan to wear it every day for a very long time. I love the attention it draws, and I love how it looks wrapped around my wrist.

Want your own JORD wood watch? Head over to their site to get to shopping. Or you can also stalk their amazing designs on their Instagram site, or by searching #jordwatch online.

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