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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random Saturdays

Our cafeteria at work had mexican cornbread at lunch one day. I had never tried it but there were about 10 people in line waiting on the next batch, so I gave it a try. It's worth standing in line over.

We had a health fair for kids at work. We doubled our attendance from last year. I stood up for six straight hours. Just the fun of the job.

I tried one of the Marie Callendar's Easy Sides for dinner one night. I have no idea how it tasted, but this is what it looked like after it "cooked" in my microwave.

Marie Callendar's Easy Sides Fail | Ting's Mom | #cookingfail

It's Youth Hunt weekend in Arkansas. Ting is still too young to actually hunt, but Hubby takes her and they sit in the stand and watch for deer. She looks forward to it all year. Do you have any young hunters in the woods this weekend?

Apparently the spam filter on my email failed this week. I got way-more-than-I-care-to-count offers to view some body parts I will not mention here (don't want more spam!). It seems to be under control now, but it made for a long day in the world of email.

When I started riding our exercise bike, I browsed Netflix for a show to watch. I landed on Dawson's Creek. It was the only one of my past favorites that I hadn't watched since it was new (I've watched Gilmore Girls and Friends several times now).  I finished Dawson's this week. I forgot how sad it was at the end.  Now that I'm over that, I've going to start on the pile of books sitting next to my recliner.

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