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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cuddle and Run

When we brought Ting home from the hospital I would try to sit in the chair and rock her.  I would try to cuddle up with her and hold her tight. She was having no part of it.  She has never been a child that wants to be rocked, hugged up on, or cuddled in any way.

The only time she ever wants to cuddle in any way is when she is not feeling well.  This past week was no exception.  She had a long day, had hurt her back a little bit, gone a few days with less than normal sleep, and was just feeling yucky.  She came and found me and asked if I would rock her.

Um, yes!

Cuddled With My Girl

I hate it when my children don't feel good, but I never miss an opportunity to rock this one to sleep.

Bug on the other hand is a wild open little boy these days.  He "helped" his daddy get deer woods supplies together this week and the child became obsessed with this vest and hat.

Bug Ready for the Deer Woods

He is going to be ready to hit the woods in no time.

Karen W

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