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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royals Don't Like Me

I have a confession - I'm a little wrapped up in the royal family. The standards. The traditions. The pomp and circumstance. I just love it all. To think that they still do many things the exact same way they did them hundreds of years ago.  It just fascinates me.

Needless to say, I've been looking forward to the arrival of the royal baby.  I was so excited to look at Twitter yesterday morning and see that Kate was in labor.

I spent the day with this on one of my monitors at work (I have two so I was still able to get work done).

Waiting for the Royal Birth

All day I watched the guards stand in front of this hospital. And watched. And watched.  And then I went to a meeting. A meeting where I couldn't really watch a live feed or keep my eyes on Twitter.

Just before the meeting was over, I received a text from one of my bloggy tweeps.

I Missed the Royal Birth

Really? I've watched a live feed all day and missed it?  Obviously the family didn't care about my schedule!

Today I was back on Twitter when we started seeing reports that William and Kate would be presenting the baby soon.  Back to the live feed I went. And again I watched. And I watched. And I watched.

And then I had to go to another meeting.  I tried to pull the feed up on my phone, but all I got was a lot of buffering.

Then I returned to my office and found out that they had done it all while I was in a meeting - AGAIN!

Dear Royal Family - Could you please schedule your next historic event for a time when I can actually watch? Thanks!

In all seriousness though. How cool is it that a future King was born this week and the world got to watch it all online? How cool is it that family was still able to maintain hundreds of years of tradition with all the instant online knowledge we have today?

Looking forward to watching William and Kate raise their little Prince.

Karen W

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