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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Drama of Shots

I don't have pictures to go with this post because... well, I just don't.

The kids ages fell so that they were both due for immunizations so I scheduled their appointment at the same time.  I had been telling Ting about it for several weeks to try to talk some brave into her.

This morning I reminded her it was shot day and she started to cry.  Then I reminded her she had to be brave for Bug and she was good.

I had my mom meet us at the health unit because I had serious doubts in my ability to control two children through shots on my own.  I'm so glad I did.  Bug wanted to run around the waiting room while I was trying to get us registered and Ting had to potty a million times.

We finally got in the room and started getting registered.  Ting was doing great - telling Bug it was going to be okay not to be scared and all.  The nurse asked who was going first and Ting said Bug could.  Of course.

Bug had to get six, yes SIX, shots.  I knew this, but it still sounds bad.  The nurse stuck him the first time and the tears began to flow.  The second stick and he lost it.  He screamed and then held his breath. I think that freaked the nurse out a little.  Third shot and he was done.  Only he wasn't. We had to switch arms for the other three.  By the time she got the last three done he was screaming uncontrollably and looking at me like he couldn't believe I did that to him.

Then it was Ting's turn.  And the tears started.  I had told her she would get four, but thankfully two were combined so she only had to get three.  The nurse got her all situated in my lap and then she freaked out. I'm not talking a little freak out.  I'm talking crying, screaming, arching her back, kicking her legs and flailing her arms.  I think her three shots were a million times worse than Bug's six.

My mom and I walked out of there with two teary-eyed, but vaccinated, children.  I headed to work and sent my babies to my moms for some Mimi and Buddy loving.

As usual, Ting has been running around like nothing happened.  She has never had the yuckies after shots. But Bug has been pitiful.  He just walked around the house crying for no reason.  Both kids are medicated and in bed.

And I'm done with shots for two years!

Karen W

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