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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kids, Kids, Kids

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of my kids.  We grew up in the same town with my mom's family.  My grandparents had two kids - my aunt and my mom.  My aunt doesn't have kids and my mom just had my brother and me.  That's it.  No cousins.

On my dad's side there are cousins, but their kids are closer to our age than they are.  On my biological dad's side I have several cousins but they are several years younger than me and live four or more states away.  We didn't spend much time together growing up.  My brother had cousins nearby but none close to our age.

But Hubby has tons of family.  He has a brother with three kids.  He has eight cousins on his dad's side alone and all but two of them have kids.  Most of them live within 30 minutes of us and most of the kids are Ting and Bug's ages.

To make a long story short (maybe too late for that), Ting and Bug have tons of family to play with each day.  This weekend we had a family reunion and it was all kids, kids, kids.

And now for a short photo dump!

Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Ting and one of her cousins
Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Our family on Hubby's side

Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Finally got to meet our new nephew

Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Just a few boys having a chat

Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Girls being girls - sorta

Enjoying family with @TingsMom
Five under five

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