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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Insulated No-Spill Flip-It

For quite a while now Ting has used a "big girl cup" when we sit down for dinner.  We are all at the table, things are pretty calm, and she does a great job with her cup.

But lunch and around the house are a completely different story.  At lunch time Ting typically sits at the table alone while we are doing other things around the house.  She also has a habit of leaving her drinks sitting around the house during play time. With Bug all over the place these days, drinks get spilled frequently.

So, I was thrilled to see the Insulated No-Spill Flip-It in my Nuby Mommy box.  This cup comes in handy in so many ways.

The straw design makes Ting feel like she is still drinking from a "big girl" cup.  But, the straw has a no-spill design to keep the liquids inside the cup.

I also love the flip-it top.  The cover simply folds the straw down and creates a smooth surface on the top.  So when Bug gets his hands on this cup, not only does he not spill it, but he also doesn't chew on his sister's straw.

This cup is also insulated so it keeps Ting's drink cool (or warm) for longer than a regular cup would.  Plus, the design keeps the cup from sweating all over the table and furniture.

We are really enjoying the Insulated No-Spill Flip-It cup at our house.  Ting got the pink cup with a flower design, but the cup also comes in five other colors and designs.

Think you might want an Insulated No-Spill Flip-It at your house?  You can buy one at Buy Baby Direct, WalMart,, and Amazon.

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Disclaimer: I am a Nuby Mommy Blogger.  I did not receive compensation for this post, but I did receive free products for my use and review.  All opinions are my own.

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