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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Didn't Win, But...

In case you missed it (haha), I spent the past six months losing weight with Shaklee 180 products as part of their first ever blogger program.  They provided product, I used it, lost weight, and told y'all all about it.  If you missed any of my posts, you can find them on the Shaklee tab above.

But did you know there were prizes attached?  The 25 bloggers that finished the program have spent a week anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winners.  I didn't win, but you can read all about the winners here on the Shaklee blog.  A huge congratulations to Jennae, Maribel and Heidi for their big win.

It's okay that I didn't win.  What I gained was something even bigger in the long run.  I lost weight and inches that I've been struggling with for several years.  I gained the knowledge and will power to keep it off and lead a healthier lifestyle.  I've gained an appreciation for my health and energy and plan to use it to run around with my kids and enjoy my life.

I submitted a video for the blogger spokesperson contest, and the winner will be announced in February.  Your vote doesn't count (Shaklee distributors are voting on this contest), but wanted to share my video with you.

I also want to say a huge thank you to the EAST lab at our local high school for putting my video together for me.  They did an amazing job!

Karen W

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