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Monday, January 21, 2013

Arkansas State Capitol

I'm not in to politics.  Never have been.  Politics have always been to me very confusing and misleading.  I've learned over the years that, living in Arkansas, my vote will never really matter in a national election.   I've just lived my life in complete and total bliss when it comes to the political side of anything and everything.

As part of my leadership class I am participating in this year, we took a trip to Little Rock to visit our State Capitol building and learn a little about our state government.  I was excited to see the building, but that was about it.

Our first stop was Farm Bureau.  I always thought Farm Bureau was just an insurance company.  I was so wrong.  I learned about what they do for many citizens of our state, and what they do on a national level.

We then headed to our State Capitol Building for lunch and a tour.  Our little town has three citizens serving in Little Rock; two in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate.  We started with a meeting with our Senate member.  He talked about all the big and little issues that will be coming up as bills in this year's sessions.  He talked about how the issues will affect each of us in many different ways.

As I sat there listening to him, I realized that as a mom, a wife, a citizen, and a member of the health care industry, I need to keep up with what is going on in our government.  I need to try to educate myself and form an opinion for myself.  I need to grow up.

We were fortunate to have lunch with our Senator and one of our Representatives.  Then we got to visit the Senate floor and learn all about how thing work on that end of the building.

We visited the State Treasury office, and then had a very good tour of our State Capitol building.  In the treasury office, we got to hold $100,000.  This is the only picture I have from our trip because my phone needs a new battery so my camera wouldn't work.

I came away with a new sense of pride and understanding about our state government.  I am going to educate myself and be a better citizen.

Karen W

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