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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Toothy Tale

Some things in our house seem to happen in the blink of an eye. Others tend to take their dear sweet time.  Teeth apparently fall in the latter category.

Most kids start getting their teeth around six months. I remember worrying for months when Ting didn't have hers by then. Then she turned 10 months old and the teeth came so fast we couldn't keep up.

Bug is following in his sister's footprints.  The poor boy has drooled and whined for what seems like forever. He eyes our food with a look of longing, but all with a toothless grin.

He has been extra fussy these past couple of days. Hubby has commented that his nap schedule has been off, and we have noticed him chewing on his hands a little extra.

Thursday my parents kept the kids and they went to my grandparents to visit.  My mom called me a little after lunch to tell me Bug has a tooth!

When I got home I looked for it. Sure enough, there on the bottom right side is the top of a little sharp tooth.

There are no pictures yet.  If you know how to photograph the first tooth of a wired 10 month old, please come to my house, ha.

If Bug continues to follow in Ting's path I will have several more teeth to photograph in the weeks to come.

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