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Friday, December 28, 2012

Year in Review

It's been such a fun and exciting year here at Ting's Mom Blog.  I have seen my blog grow in ways I had never dreamed possible and I want to say thank you to all my readers.  I've gained quite a few new readers this year and wanted to do a "Year in Review" to look back on all the fun that was had in 2012!

We started 2012 by heading to Hubby's brother's house for more Christmas.  We had fun and enjoyed watching the kids play together.

February brought Valentine's Day and a snack for school that I was finally proud to send with Ting!

Ting (sorta) learned the Pledge of Alliance and Pledge to the Christian Flag this year and her version was just so sweet. We also had some nice warm days early in the year and were able to get outside and play a little.

Of course the highlight of 2012 was the birth of Bug!  Our precious baby boy gave me fits for weeks leading up to his arrival, but it was all well worth it for sure.

Ting had her first hair cut this year, and has had two more since then.  That girl has some hair for sure.

Ting turned three in June and we had a Bubble Guppies party for her.  All her cousins and friends were there and we had so much fun.

In June I began a weight loss challenge with the Shaklee Corporation.  This was my first post, but you can check out my Cinchspiration page to see all my progress photos, posts, and more.

Bug went for his first swim and had fun.  He has been splashing so much in the bathtub lately that I know he is going to love the pool even more in 2013.

Once again we were reminded of God's unique way of meeting our needs and answering our prayers and I wrote about that here.  I was also so excited that Ting joined Awana Cubbies and is having so much fun.

After the death of our precious Chloe dog in April, we were hesitant to add another dog to the family.  But Bella Jean has been so much fun for the kids.

During the summer I attended my first blog conference and had the time of my life.  I can't wait to attend another in 2013.

I let Ting have her way at the grocery store and kitchen one evening and we had so much fun hanging out.

In early November Hubby and Ting went to the annual Youth Hunt and I let Hubby write all about it on the blog.  It was a hit!

We also went to see some local lights in late November and try our luck with Santa pictures.

December was full of Christmas events, but one that stood out was Ting's Awana Birthday Party for Jesus. She had so much fun and it was a blast.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog this year and continue to hang out with me in 2013.  I'm working on some exciting series and ideas for the blog so stay tuned...

Karen W

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