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Monday, November 19, 2012

Pink Lining Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant with Ting, I didn't worry very much about picking out a diaper bag.  It never crossed my mind that it would be such an important accessory as a new mom.  A family friend gave me a very nice bag made by a local gal.  It was perfect for going to church or out to eat.  But I always needed something bigger when we went out for more than a few hours.

When I was pregnant with Bug, I put a little more thought into it.  I picked  out a larger bag that had several more compartments.  It works pretty well, but it doesn't close. So if it tips over in the car, or I bend over with it on my shoulder, everything falls out.

Then I was introduced to the Yummy Mummy bag from Pink Lining.  I had never heard of Pink Lining before so I was curious to see what was so great about this bag.  When it arrived at my door, I quickly learned that everything is great about this bag!

The Yummy Mummy bag holds everything you could need when you head out with your kiddos.  The large inside has two elastic top pockets for diapers, rags, or whatever else you may want.  There are also two insulated (yes, insulated) pockets for bottles.  And a third slot for your phone.  There is also a zippered pocket on the inside.  In addition, on the inside you will find a tethered key-fob, a pen loop, a tethered mirror, a changing pad, and a zippered pouch for wipes.  Yes, ALL of that is inside this awesome bag.  And there is still room for toys, notepads and whatever else you may want to take along.

On the outside you will find a magnetic close pocket on the front and and elastic top pouch on each end.  You can really hold everything in this bag.  As a plus, the bag has a zipper close so nothing falls out.  It also comes with standard carrying straps and a detachable shoulder strap.

That's a lot of features, huh?

My particular bag came if a very cute blue print with flower bouquets.  And true to the brand name, the bag is lined in... Pink Lining!

I invite you to head over to Pink Lining and check out the Yummy Mummy bag plus many many other products.  And while you are out and about online, check them out on the various social media sites.

Disclaimer: Pink Lining sent me the above Yummy Mummy bag in exchange for my honest review.  I received no further compensation.  All opinions are my own.

Karen W

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