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Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Bye Mr. Winter

South Arkansas always has crazy weather, so it’s no real surprise that it is already warm and pretty outside.  Of course I still expect our Easter cold snap we get every year, but it has been nice to get to go outside more and let Ting run off some of her crazy energy.  So this weekend, we said good-bye to winter!


Ting and hubby rode the four-wheeler and Ting got her first glimpse into the world of tree-climbing!







Snack time for everyone!



Finally got her a new helmet




And Chloe and I did what we do best; we laid around the house and did a lot of nothing!

pic 014


I hope everyone has a wonderful first day of Spring. Please keep me and baby Bug in your prayers as we tackle these last few weeks.  My body is so sore and completely worn out.  I am determined to make it through the end of the month, but it’s going to be a long two weeks!

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