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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Ting had a party at school today.  Ever since she was born I’ve attempted to make “cute” treats to send with her for her school parties.  The first year I tried fancy cupcakes – fail.  Last year I tried sugar cookies and ended up with some break and bake chocolate chips cookies.  This year I decided ahead of time that I would accomplish something halfway cute.  I bought some heart shaped cookie cutters and they had a simple sugar cookie recipe on the back.  Turns out, the recipe was perfect and the cookies turned out pretty good.  I bought some cookie icing and this is what I ended up with!

pic 004

Last night Ting and hubby folded and stuffed all her valentine cards for her friends at school.  She came home today with cards and candy.  Must have been a fun day!



In totally non-Valentine news, I just have to share so I don’t forget:

This morning I was brushing Ting’s hair and she had a horrible tangle I couldn’t get out. She was crying and screaming and moving around, so I got the scissor and snipped the tangle out.  I snipped a teeny tiny piece of hair.

On the way to school, the conversation went like this:
Ting: Did you cut my hair?
Me: Yes
Ting: Why?
Me: Because I couldn’t get your tangles out and you were crying
Ting: Mom, turn off my music. We need to talk about this


My oh my, she is growing up too fast!

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