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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chore Time

Who loves doing chores? Me neither! I can remember growing up and having my set of chores.  I was supposed to fold clothes, dust and vacuum the house and keep my room clean.  I occasionally had to clean the bathroom, but I did such a bad job at that I usually got off the hook (btw mom, that was on purpose, haha!)  Hubby had chores too.  Listening to stories he and his brother tell, I did nothing compared to what they did.

Hubby and I both agree that our children will have chores as well.  They need to be allowed to be kids, but they must learn responsibility also.  So about a month ago, we assigned Ting her first chores.  She has three chores now.  Two are daily and one is weekly.

First of all, she is responsible for helping clear the table after supper each night.  She has to scrap our plates into the trash and then put our plates into the sink.  When she’s older she’ll have to put them in the dishwasher, but for now it’s just the sink. (By the way, I love my Corelle dinnerware.  Making a toddler responsible for putting plates in the sink proves that they really are chip and break resistant.)

pic 046

A couple of weeks ago, Ting decided she wanted a fish.  She managed to talk her daddy into getting her one, so we now have an orange fish named Beevo.   She is responsible for making sure Beevo gets fed each day.   Of course I help her get the right amount of food, but she has to put it in the bowl.  On Saturday’s she is responsible for helping me clean out Beevo’s bowl.
pic 053

We keep a monthly calendar on the refrigerator so I bought a packet of those foil star stickers that they use in school.  Each time she completes a chore, she gets a sticker on the calendar for that day.  We told her that at the end of each month if she had all her stars on the calendar we would have a treat.  At her age, treats can be simple stuff like going to Dairy Queen or a special trip to the park.

Ting loves doing her chores.  She gets all excited when it’s time to do something.  I wish that excitement would last forever, but I know it won’t.

And speaking of chores, every night when I think I have the kitchen all cleaned up one more cup ends up in the sink. Ugh!
pic 055

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