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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Is A…

With this second baby, my belly has really popped out there pretty fast.  I’ve been in maternity clothes since week 10 and here at week 15, I look more like I did around week 30 with Ting.  Everyone at work has been giving me a hard time about how many babies were in there.  I’ve been laughing them off… until yesterday.  The Radiology Director commented on the size of my belly and I didn’t laugh.  So, I let her take a peek.
We discovered that there is (thankfully) only ONE baby in there!  We also discovered that baby is a
Now, I honestly didn’t care what we had.  Up until about three weeks ago Ting has wanted a sister, but changed her mind after one of her friends had a baby brother.  But hubby, he was 100% sure  he wanted a boy.  So of course I had to call and tell him what I did and what we found.  He was so excited!
We do have a boy name.  He will be named after my husband… who is named after his dad… who is named after his dad.  So, our son will be the fourth.  In keeping with my rules about privacy, I will not give his name on the blog.  However, I can tell you that we will be using a nickname for him and his initials (using the nickname) will be V.W.  So, I’ve decided to use “Bug” as his ‘blog name’.  (as in Volts Wagon Bug, VW Bug, for those going huh?!)

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