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Monday, October 17, 2011


This weekend was Homecoming weekend at our local university.  Hubby and I are both alumnae of the local university and so I always enjoy going to visit.  My sorority always has a cook-out prior to the game and Ting and I attended that.

Ting has so much fun at the pre-game activities.  The band played and the cheerleaders danced and cheered.  Ting watched so intently and tried to mimic the cheerleaders in everything they were doing.  (For my Facebook friends, I’ll be posting a video later of her trying to dance along with them!) Here’s a pic of her watching.

pic 070

pic 069


Ting also likes football.  She actually cheers along with everyone and watches like she knows what is going on.  She also loves the band.  I wish I had more pictures, but I actually like to watch the game too!

Here’s a rare picture of my dad (aka Buddy) and Ting watching the game.

pic 074

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